Packaging profiles

Industry packaging in the form of barrels, out of plastic or steel, as well as intermediate bulk Containers are used for solids and fluids. The contained fluid or flowable substances are used for chemistry, food, medicine or cosmetic industry. Packaging seals play an important role to prevent these containers reliably from leaks. Our individually developed packaging seals have been tried and testes.

Technical conditions

Of course our packaging seals fulfil the requirements of VPA 2 (as of: Aug 2005), describing the technical values of moss rubber profiles and foamed profiles. The implementation of VPA allows to determine the the described values for sealing materials and to compare them with other qualities.

Relevant paramenters for sealing profiles are:

  • Diameter
  • stretched length
  • lean mass (weight)
  • coupling Joint
  • compressibility
  • compression set


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