Gaskets for windows

Windows and doors are what define the facades of our houses. We're not just talking about new builds, old buildings or renovations — low energy and passive houses are now particularly relevant.
A window must not only fullfil an aesthetic function, but must also be resistant to wind and heavy rain, and provide sound and heat insulation.

This is where our seal profiles play an important role. Special compounds for a great variety of applications, with high insulation or fireproof properties, guarantee the functionality and durability of window and door elements.

Our innovations for your benefit

  • Optimized window construction with no welding lug or manual reworking required
  • A seal geometry for all three applications (outdoor glazing seals, indoor frame seals, indoor lip seals)
  • Reduced error costs

Our stalwart development team has made it its mission to introduce new innovations on an annual basis — to the benefit of our customers.
This guarantees our position as a market leader.

SEMPERIT EPDM rubber seals

Our window seals made to customer specification for every type of window provide durable protection between adjoining construction units, frames and lips thanks to specially developed cross-section profiles.

As well as fulfilling the requirements of DIN EN 12365 and GOST certification, our profiles provide the highest standards in permanent elasticity, resilience, ozone resistance, durability, longevity and functionality.


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