Weldable gasket

The key advantage of the weldable EPDM gasket is the high-quality sealing corner plus easy process handling. Compared to other available solutions there is no hardening for the joint and there is a closed corner with flexible sealing lips. Both aspects guarantee an outstanding durable seal and low clamping forces.

Overall the weldable gasket by Semperit combines the material benefits of EPDM with efficient processing. The welding to the PVC profile sections is feasible in one work stage with common machines of renowned manufacturer, and also tested and no expensive investments are necessary.

The extrusion on salt bath at 250 °C guarantees, that the product innovation is still EPDM. This fact secures the outstanding physical and chemical characteristics of the weldable gasket. The results of two scientific studies carried out by independent renowned institutes demonstrate that high-quality gaskets of EPDM prove high elasticity and long term recovery at all sealing levels.

With the weldable gasket Semperit Profiles succeeded in redirecting the sealing market and to open up new possibilities in fenestration; an impulse the industry´s been waiting for.


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