Foam rubber profiles

Foam rubber is a cellular soft-elastic material made of caoutchuc. The unvulcanized mixing consists of raw caoutchuc and chemicals. During vulcanization the material blisters and forms a mixed cellular structure with a closed outer skin and provides the caoutchuc with lasting character of elasticity.

Evolution of foam rubber profiles

In the recent years there is a trend from solid rubber profiles, through coextruded profiles to full foam rubber profiles.


From pressure response of foam rubber profiles there is demand for soft profiles for low clamping forces and more solid profiles for higher clamping forces. By appropriate mixtures and amendments of the specific weight (Density) the softness of foam rubber profiles is influenced. The specific weight of foam rubber is, according to recipe, 0,4 - 0,8 g/ cm³.


Foam rubber offers the following advantages compared to other raw materials:

  • reduction of thermal conductivity
  • high system tightness
  • sound-absorbing
  • tight radii without Deformation
  • good corner drives, applicable circulating
  • very good resilience
  • permanent elasticity with low clamping forces


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